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Casland was founded by a young team with a lot of experience in real estate. With the enthusiasm and passion of youth, desire a transparent – modern real estate market. We are constantly looking for, researching and perfecting good services and solutions for customers to make the best choices. With the motto of connecting to success, choosing to buy a home will become easier in the age of technology 4.0. And Casland’s service is to make it transparent, easy to perceive and easy to compare.

Joining Casland, is joining a dynamic, enthusiastic environment. Arousing passion for Real Estate, a passion for making money and a lot of money in a transparent market – don’t stop connecting.


In Casland, the most important thing we want to bring to our staff is: Commission, this is the most accurate measure of employee performance. The Casland commission will be paid higher than the general market, depending on the project, the seniority of the employee. Commissions will be calculated from 60-75% of sales.

The salary in Casland is to serve the minimum needs for employees: Telephone, gasoline, insurance, meeting customers fee, …etc


Casland always creates the most favorable conditions, most secure for employees when devoted here. We guarantee insurance policies, vacation days, birthdays, health care, maternity policies …

Tourism is something that Casland always wants to bring to its employees, at least twice a year the Casland family is gathered in a faraway place to rest, to have fun and gather at home. And depending on the success of a project, there will be unexpected and exciting tours.

What is special in Casland: every year, employees who make a positive contribution to the company will get big rewards, mainly corporate shares. Or the rare investment rates for certain highly profitable real estate products.


Competitive advantage is built in Casland, which is a professional and intensive marketing system in real estate.

In Casland, employees will receive intensive training in real estate marketing tools and strategies: Website, Content, Adwords, Facebook, Email marketing, News posting, Affiliate marketing …

Tools for sale, sales processes, sales skills, telephone … are required that every employee entering Casland will be trained by veteran experts of the company.

This is a great opportunity for candidates who want to work and develop in a professional environment in Casland


Irrespective of qualifications, age – What we always want in a candidate is enthusiasm and passion for earning a lot of money.

Contact for application and interview.

Mr. Tuan: +84 981 813 168



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